Projet: Biogeography and Metapopulation Genetics of Understudied Hydrozoan Reef Foundation Species Millepora spp


Coordinateur: Serge Planes
Dr Emilie Boissin (Post doc fellow)

Periode: 2013-2017

Zone d’Études: Indo-Pacific

Résumé: The aim of this project is to provide information on key evolutionary and ecological processes of millepores, which will in turn help improving conservation strategies for these ecologically important reef builders. The project has three main objectives that consist in the assessment of: (1) the biodiversity and phylogenetic relationships of millepores, (2) connectivity and population size changes over evolutionary times, and (3) connectivity and effective population sizes on a demographic scale. Only an integrative approach will make possible the characterisation of the biodiversity and metapopulation dynamics of Indo-Pacific millepores. We chose to combine DNA barcoding, phylogeny, comparative phylogeography and population genetic approaches to reach a global picture covering both evolutionary and ecological relevant timescales, which is expected to give insight in both macro and micro-evolutionary processes that have shaped Millepora biodiversity over time.

      - National:
      - International: Florida Museum

Source de Financement: EU – Marie Curie Fellowship